Apple could finally give the users the right to choose the default apps on the iPhone

Apple could finally give the users the right to choose the default apps on the iPhone

Apple has always run a tight ship when it comes to what the user can and can’t do with their Apple devices. The firm frequently defends its decision by saying that they are for the well-being of the people, but most of the time it’s just his / her own interests.

A good example are the default apps on iOS. While you don’t have to use it, you can download it from the Firefox web browser, for example, Apple doesn’t let you ignore it completely. If you click on a link in an sms message, it will open in Safari, no questions asked.

However, it seems that the tide has turned at the san francisco. The international monetary fund reports that there are discussions within Apple to change the default apps, policies, and enables users to create their own. The most important of the two, the internet browser is Safari, Apple’s Mail app. It is not surprising, Therefore, that the majority of users, you can dump that Google Chrome and Gmail, but a lot of other options as well beschikbaar.De by default, the music app will also be able to change it in the future, the sources say. Hopefully, this means that you will be able to use apps such as Spotify music directly to your HomePod, the smart speaker.

Of course, Apple is not going to be the decisions to make these changes, the importance of her own heart. The company is the pressure from the public and competitors in the ecosystem of the north sea, a more competition-friendly.

It is not yet clear if the changes at the end when there are actually plans for them to do so), but a good bet would be the release of iOS 14, this Fall, when the iPhone-a 12 (11?) the family has been released.

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