Apple focuses on size with #039;Illusion#039; ad for iPhone XS ; XS Max

Apple focuses on size with #039;Illusion#039; ad for iPhone XS ; XS Max

On Saturday, Apple announced the first television advertisement for YouTube's iPhone XS and XS Max as "Illusion."

This announcement was first seen at Apple 's September 12 press event and includes a golden version of the phone on a sophisticated black background with a fascinating theme. However, except for emphasizing the size of the OLED screen with the slogan "Welcome to the big screen", I have not seen the function of the mobile phone.

iPhone XS is the same size as the predecessor of iPhone X 5.8 inches, but XS Max is 6.5 inches of Apple's largest mobile phone. It is 0.1 inches larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the size of the iPad Mini 4 is 1.4 inches.

In many ways the XS version is the fastest version of iPhone X in many ways, but there are also upgraded photos and much improved photos, including support for 2 SIM cards, improved performance of the A 12 processor and improved processing power . The owner can even adjust the blur after taking a picture.

XS Max is basically the same device, the screen is magnified. Prior to the release on September 21, reservation orders for both mobile phones are in progress.

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