Apple Pilots Extended Deadline To Purchase AppleCare+

Apple Pilots Extended Deadline To Purchase AppleCare+

In the United States and Canada, a small number of Apple Stores are testing a new program that allows customers to purchase AppleCare + for devices that exceed the usual 60-day limit after the date of purchase, according to many sources close to the subject. Customers to add AppleCare + to a plot between 61 days and one year after purchase.

To do this, a customer must make an appointment at the Genius Bar, where a technician will diagnose the device and perform a visual inspection to confirm eligibility. We’re initially told that the extension of the eligibility period was up to two years, but another source stated that the period had been reduced to one year.

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The pilot program is currently deployed in about 50 Apple Stores in the United States, as well as in 29 Canadian branches, said one of our sources. It is unclear how long the program will remain available. MacRumors contacted a participating Apple Store that confirmed the existence of the pilot program.

This applies to the iPhone for some and probably extends to the iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and other devices. We do not want anyone to be disappointed, so keep in mind that the driver is subject to change.

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