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AT&T is 5G, expanding to 13 new markets

AT&T is 5G, expanding to 13 new markets

It looks like AT&T has expanded its 5G network to new markets in a week. At the beginning of this month, the carrier added more than a dozen cities and towns have been 5 G service card, and just a week ago, one of the other 13.Today, it is the carrier’s as announced, a special version of the 5G network in 13 markets. Of course, we’re talking about AT&T’s low-band, the 5G, not the uber-fast 5G+, which will only be available in 35 towns and cities in the United States of america, at this point in time.

Anyway, here are the 13 new markets are now taking advantage of AT&T’s 5G mobile service for: Chattooga County, GA, Hunterdon County, NJ; and Las Cruces, NM, for Long Branch, new jersey, New Brunswick, NJ; New Haven, CT Ocean County, NJ, Orange County, new york, new york Portland, or, Utica-Rome, NY Vallejo, CA, Whitefield County, GA, and Wilmington, DE.

With the addition of 13 new markets, announced this week that AT&T is now offering 5G mobile services in 58 cities and towns in the united states. Truth be told, you will only get 5G data speeds in some parts of these cities, but it’s better than nothing.

Hopefully, you are already in possession of a Samsung Galaxy Note, 10 and up to 5G or planning to buy a 5G enabled samsung Galaxy S20, or else you will not be able to take advantage of AT&T’s 5G service.

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