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Beat released something today.

Beat released something today.

The rumor that beats are not displayed at today's Big Apple event is not 100% truth. Certainly there was no mention of the helmet manufacturer during the event itself. Instead, because the company is still in progress at Cupertino, I gave a little press release.

The big reason why brands were not loved in today's event is not really new products. Instead, we are updating two of the existing beat lines. Indeed, the new shade is designed to fit Apple's new hardware. Suitably, the price of the headphones corresponds to the price of the corresponding handset.

$ 300 Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones are silver in satin gold and satin, and $ 60 urBeats 3 headphones are available in yellow, blue and coral to match the new color of iPhone XS / XS Max.

The latter also has a lightning cable, so you do not need to use it with a dongle (this is a fun phrase). They also fit magnetically to wear around the neck.

The color of the new Beats Solo 3 Wireless is released, and urBeats 3 is going to be released during autumn.

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Beat released something today.

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