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California states: "We are launching our own satellite to monitor pollution with the help of the planet"

California states: "We are launching our own satellite to monitor pollution with the help of the planet"

California will control state pollution and plan to launch a satellite that contributes to climate change. Governor Jerry Brown has announced it today. The state has entered into a partnership with the supplier of satellite images from Planet It creates a personalized task to identify and hold destructive emissions with unprecedented accuracy on an unprecedented scale.

Governor Brown announced in the final speech of the San Francisco Global Climate Action Summit that it announced the involvement of scientists at the American Geophysical Society meeting of 2021 two years ago.

"While science is still being attacked and climate threats are increasing, we're launching our own satellite," said Brown.

Planets that have launched hundreds of satellites in recent years will develop and use satellites to deliver real-time images almost anywhere on Earth. Whether artificial or natural, the aim is to equip sensors capable of detecting contaminants with these point sources. This type of direct observation makes direct action possible.

Once the project has been integrated, technical details of the satellite must be announced. You can probably expect something from the 6U CubeSat with equipment aimed at detecting specific gases and particles. The orbit in which the satellite passes all states along the north / south axis is more likely. A single machine installed in one location may not provide sufficient coverage, meaning that some satellites can also be declared.

"These satellite technologies are part of the era of new environmental innovations that exceed the problem-solving capacity", says Fred Krupp, chairman of the Environmental Defense Fund. "They will not reduce the emissions themselves, but make invisible pollution visible and generate the data needed to protect transparency, research, health, the environment and the economy.

EDF launches satellite for this purpose …

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