Chrome 78 Rolling Out And Allows Sites To Edit Local Files

Chrome 78 Rolling Out And Allows Sites To Edit Local Files

Chrome 78 is now rolling out on Android, macOS, and Windows. It brings a multitude of changes, security patches, and more. First, the update introduces the new Native File System API, which allows web pages to access local files on your computer or phone directly. This feature is available as ‘Trial Origin’ in Chrome 78.

The API allows websites to display a file selection window. Users can select a single file, multiple files, or entire folders, depending on the permissions of the site. Then the site can edit these files. The Chrome team has incorporated several security measures into the API. So do not worry about malicious sites that use it to steal data. Also, Google will continue to update and secure the feature before its official launch.

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For example, sites can only see files selected by users and can only save changes to those files if users permission to do so. On the desktop, websites with this permission display an indicator in the address bar. Also, the consent disappears when users close the page. Google has also added a new SMS Receiver API, which allows Chrome to check SMS verification.

Typically, when a site wants to check your SMS usage, you need to leave Chrome and search for the message on your phone, copy the code, and return to Chrome to paste it. Thesearch giant says the website can not access your text. Messages. He can only see the unique verification text sent from the website.

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