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Comment: Sadly, all hope for an iPhone SE 2 is now lost

Comment: Sadly, all hope for an iPhone SE 2 is now lost

When Apple announces iPhone X a year ago, Tim Cook expresses it as "the future of the iPhone." A year later, this future has arrived.

All three models of this year share the same basic design. As closely as possible to the design of all screens, the home button is replaced by face recognition and gesture, and the notch allows you to position the camera and sensor at the top of the screen. ;screen.

The iPhone XR is a particularly attractive purchase offering many of the main cell phone designs and features at $ 749. But all this has bad news …

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There is no longer iPhone SE. It disappeared from Apple's website.

If you need a more affordable iPhone, Apple has always covered you. iPhone 7 is currently available starting at $ 449, not much higher than the recent cost of the iPhone SE.

But for owner of many iPhone SEs, I like size and design, not price. Some people prefer the round corner design of today's iPhone. There are things that you can use the phone with one hand. It is like the convenience of some devices. Everyone wanted Apple to replace iPhone SE 2.

This hope is now being destroyed. This is not because Apple never released a new version. The original version was released in March, not the main event of iPhone in September.Apple was scheduled to update, it was always announced on another schedule.

But Apple did not do it in March. And the evidence that the phone is going well is now clear. If Apple is planning an update next year, WiscoNative, one of our readers, should have maintained the existing model.

Apple's Web site now redirects the URL of iPhone SE to iPhone's home page. They would not do it if they were going to update it, they just tried to get sales until the product was still sitting and updating it. Instead, they completely removed it.

That is also my point of view: it would be foolish for Apple to remove the iPhone SE from the market this month to announce new ones. iPhone SE is dead.

I am sad about that. I like the rounded classic design, I love the ease of storage. Hybrid of SE and X was my perfect phone: Front …

I hope you like the news Comment: Sadly, all hope for an iPhone SE 2 is now lost. Stay Tuned For More Updates ๐Ÿ™‚

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