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Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Apple iPhone X – Which One Is Best for You?

Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Apple iPhone X – Which One Is Best for You?

Samsung has announced the latest version of the largest, most expensive mobile phone on Galaxy Note 9. If you think that this neighbor's newcomer will become the king of a proven high-end smartphone community, you are FALSE. That is what we know, but there is another $ 1000 + phone that you might want to say about it. iPhone X. Easy, iPhone.Easy. You will have your turn. While we divided the two, I wanted to see this game first.

Design and display

There is quite a difference between iPhone X and Galaxy Note 9. Note 9 dominates the iPhone, but it does not completely reduce it. The display of note 9 measures 6.4 inches against iPhone X 5.8 and increases by 0.5 inches measured obliquely.

Of course, the most important aesthetic difference is notch. Looking at Note 9 continuing the trend of ultra-thin eyeglasses and non-notched design, the iPhone X screen's optical filler notchless devices are few, and note 9 is aesthetically refined.

In terms of screen technology, the OLED screen of iPhone X 1125 x 2436 is compared well with AMOLED 1440 x 2960 of Galaxy Note 9. After all, the same manufacturer made by Samsung manufactures it. This note may sound like a punch vibrating compared to iPhone X, especially using the True-Tone feature enabled on Apple devices. Nevertheless, although both have outstanding displays with excellent color accuracy, the iPhone X can display a slightly more accurate hue than the vivid and deep color of Galaxy Note 9 at least in the use mode I will. Default screen.

Overall, Samsung takes a more square approach to fit this special widescreen rectangle with as few bevels as possible, even using more chamfered edges in the design of Note 9. Thanks to the rounded sides, both devices feel good, but of course, iPhone X with smaller dimensions and completely rounded sides, as opposed to chamfered edges, on the one hand It provides a more manageable and natural feeling. Both devices are important with 6.14 ounces for iPhone X and 7 ounces for Galaxy Note 9.


The pound for pound, the cameras of these two cameras are stacked nicely. We anticipate fairly severe games when making deeper comparisons. Regarding the specification, we are considering a 12 MP television camera related to 12 MP wide field shooting game. The variable aperture (f / 1.5 and f / 2.4) is exactly in Galaxy Note 9. . However, iPhone X will not play. In the case of two camera configurations, the iPhone X combines 12 MP sensors, an ordinary lens and a telephoto lens for double zoom. Both are high-performance configurations on paper, and in "portrait mode" they have two light stabilization functions and a blur function. Naturally we will compare the details of the cameras of these two main products, but the first comparison gives promising results. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can take a slightly warmer scene than iPhone X's, but the details are very clear. The winner can be thought of as personal preference. The compositional preference of the image is not only subjective at this high level but also a lot of software tools to fine-tune the image. In some cases. However, with all the settings of auto, the comparison is close, but we will try to examine this question only once for a perfect comparison. Please wait for our definitive answer to this heavy question to come.

User interface and performance

The discussion between Android iOS and iOS is as old as time, but the difference between everyday speed and liquidity is negligible. Instead, the difference is more relevant to the device and its associated experience. In this case, of course, this means S-Pen.

With a writing instrument that combines the remote control of your device, Apple has not yet evolved in the lineup of the iPad. Obviously, you can not find such accessories on iPhone X. Pair with the ability of Note 9 to project the desktop experience on secondary display with Samsung DeX, HDMI cable. Power of scalability and integrated accessories iPhone X has no counter.

As mentioned earlier, there is no big difference between the normal navigation and usage performance between the two. Although the benchmark may be slightly different, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 6 GB or 8 GB RAM and Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 is compatible with iPhone X's A 11 Bionic Silicon during preliminary testing. Further use helps complete images, but on the surface, the performance is quite good between the two.


After all, these are difficult to stick to two mobile phones, but we think the choice is pretty clear. Galaxy notes are, by their very nature, more versatile devices, Samsung has only enhanced the versatility of the notebook in Note 9. S-Pen is always a separating factor, taking quick and convenient notes I will. Complete remote control device with Bluetooth connection – iPhone X has no answer. DeX is not so for everyone, but scalability and pleasure, and there is no answer to iPhone's utility.

However, iPhone X and most Apple devices benefit from the broad native support of technology. In other words, except for its own ecosystem (Apple TV, MacBook etc.), the iPhone X still has large, compact and compatible devices. This does not mean that third-party devices or third-party devices perform functions created by Note 9 with iPhone X using features such as S-Pen and Samsung DeX.

Daily performance will be the next measure. This seems pretty close in advance. This, coupled with the actual battery life and the result of the final camera comparison, may be some determinant, but if you want The Best possible experience, note 9 may just take the crown Hmm.

I hope you like the news Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Apple iPhone X – Which One Is Best for You?. Stay Tuned For More Updates!

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