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Does Amazon have new Alexa hardware in the middle?

Does Amazon have new Alexa hardware in the middle?

Amazon announced last September Second generation echo smart speaker in the same way A group of other new Alexa gadgets,including Spot echo Touch screen alarm clock Echo Plus Smart Home Hub 1 month ago of that saw Arrival of second generation echo dots. In another month of September, do we have an Alexa triplet?

This seems to be a very good bet.

We have already seen a leak It suggests that a newly designed third generation echo dot is in the middle. Amazon needs to be at least slightly worried about the increasing presence of Google in rearview mirror after search giants outperform Amazon in at least the first quarter sales of smart speakers. Since the introduction of the new touch screen by Google Assistant, the momentum has not slowed. Lenovo smart display And that JBL link view Alexa's touch screen is more compelling Echo show Forever many of these are on the way, LG Smart DisplayThis may challenge the Echo range on the front of the sound quality.

In other words, it is certainly not the worst time that Amazon will refresh Alexa's temptation. Actually, looking at the new echo material this month, there are some enlightened premises about our expectations.

Recent leaks suggest that Amazon can tackle the new design of Echo Dot.

Echo dot 3.0?

$ 50 Second generation echo dot Amazon's selling Alexa gadget realizes this …

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Does Amazon have new Alexa hardware in the middle?

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