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Dropbox Spaces Looks To Declutter Your Desktop

Dropbox Spaces Looks To Declutter Your Desktop

At its inaugural Work in Progress conference, Dropbox revealed its imagination and spirit of preference for the right workspace alongside the launch of Dropbox Areas. Dropbox Areas is part of the all-new Dropbox, introduced earlier this year, and the new feature is an evolution of the shared folder in a collaborative workspace for groups. Dropbox has also used its machine intelligence platform, DBXi, to add new options to its service.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston explained how Dropbox Areas was designed to eliminate confusion and distractions to help targeted groups of people stay focused on their tasks in a web blog, in this way :

“We build a smart workspace because we would like know-how that helps us reduce noise rather than contribute to it. This begins with the launch of Dropbox Areas, which collectively brings together your most essential content and tools in an organized location, so you can stay focused and in sync with your workforce. “

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The idea is rather simple. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Dropbox has added integrations to the popular apps you use, such as Slack and Google Docs. Of course, the fact that Dropbox is at the heart of all your services is both convenient for you and particularly convenient for Dropbox. Features include an AI-based image search function, and the ability to preview files in specialized file types such as AutoCAD without installing the original application.

Paper, the fans of Dropbox’s Collaborative Project App, will be pleased to see it integrated adequately with Dropbox’s primary file system. Google and Microsoft calendars can be integrated into your Dropbox workflow, and a full extension for HelloSign makes it easy to get digital signatures from irritating colleagues. The boxes even have a color code so that even Thicky Smith in the postroom does not sign in the wrong box.

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Integration with the Trello project management tool, a file transfer function for files up to 100 GB, mapping Dropbox folders to Slack channels and instant zoom video meetings without leaving Dropbox is also part of ongoing projects.

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