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Early Apple rival Osborne Computer Corp. bites the dust

Early Apple rival Osborne Computer Corp. bites the dust

 September 13: Apple's today's today: One of Apple's first rivals Osborne Computer Corporation bite the dustSeptember 13, 1983: Osborne Computer Corporation, Apple's first competitor, declares bankruptcy.

Many people consider Osborne 1 the first truly portable and complete computer. This packed everything the user needed to go home or to get on the road. Oh, it will not last!

Simple information of Osborne computer 1

Osborne 1 landed two months before the release of the IBM personal computer of International Business Machines Corporation (which caused a battle between Apple and IBM) in June 1981.

Osborne 1 has never been designed as the most powerful computer in the world, but it has multiple built-in floppy drives. The maximum storage capacity is 91 KB each. The Zilog Z80 microprocessor drives a machine with a removable keypad with a keypad and a 5 inch mini monochrome display. With the neat touch that Jony Ive later uses for Macs like the iMac G3, Osborne 1 features a portable carrying handle that is easy to carry around.

The company said that two more Osbourne computers will demonstrate superior performance. This strategy is opposed by preventing customers from purchasing existing models. This press was called "Osborne effect".

After all, a series of bad decisions by founder Adam Osborne led to bankruptcy of the company on September 13, 1981. In the second half of the same month, a group of investors appealed the company. We are seeking damages of 8.5 million dollars for obvious insider trading. They also accused Osborne hiding the company's dangerous financial situation.

Osborne eventually came out of bankruptcy, but his business was never the same.

Perfectionism and "good"

Apple's clash with Osborne Computer Inc. is interesting as a historical footnote, but it is more advanced. Indeed, it is the first of the disagreement based on many philosophical designs that characterize all of Apple's major rivals like Apple and IBM, Apple and Microsoft, Apple and Google, and recently Apple and Samsung It was.

Osbourne 1
An American presentation for Osborne 1.
Photo: Osborne Computer

Osborne 1 computer was not great even today's standards. But for a while it sold well. So the war was between Apple's perfectionist tendency and Osbourne's attitude.

"The relevance is enough," Osborne says. "Everything else is …

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