Facebook fought fake news and beat Twitter, a new investigation found

Facebook fought fake news and beat Twitter, a new investigation found

Reality was a difficult year. Journalists face a difficult fight when US presidents deny that thousands of Americans died in a hurricane. This battle was particularly heavy on social networks. In social networks, malicious players have been hunting and sowing for the last few years.

But today, I bring you at least an optimistic reason. A new study by the authors of Stanford University and New York University, between January 2015 and July of 2021, the results of articles posted on fake sites were analyzed. "The tendency of misinformation spreading in social media"

The interaction with these sites on Facebook and Twitter is increasing steadily until the end of 2021. Interaction was sharply declined on Facebook as Facebook's promise continued to increase on Twitter as it accounted for about 60% of Twitter's shares.. Similar trends are not seen for other information, business, or culture sites where interactions are relatively stable over time and follow similar patterns on both platforms. Before and after the election.

For research, the authors Hunt Allcott, Matthew Getzkow, Chuan Yu collected a list of 570 sites identified as peddlers of the wrong story of previous articles. Later, we measured the commitment of a wide range of publishers, including large mainstream groups, small traditional media, professional business culture, dummy sites.

An important paragraph of the conclusion of this study is as follows.

As a result, the interaction with database fake information sites is steadily increasing on Facebook and Twitter from the beginning of 2021 until the month after the election of 2021. Interaction decreased by more than half on Facebook, but continued to increase on Twitter. The ratio of Facebook's commitment to shares on Twitter was stable at about 40: 1 from the beginning of the period until the end of 2021, after which it fell to 15: 1.

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Facebook fought fake news and beat Twitter, a new investigation found

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