First camera samples from the fold-out Galaxy Z-Flip

First camera samples from the fold-out Galaxy Z-Flip

Let’s just pretend that the Galaxy a Expand that has not happened, and start all over again, shall we? Here it is, the samsung Z, the Flip โ€“ Samsung’s first 2020 to a foldable phone, and right off the bat, it seems to be a lot more practical and promising than the Fold.
With a standard flip-phone form-factor, just like the The Motorola Razr, and the Z-Flip is a stylish, yet still have a very powerful machine. Along with the respectable Snapdragon 855+ processor, users will also get a dual-main-camera-configuration of 12 MULTI-standard, and 12-MP ultra-wide.

To stay true to ourselves, we went ahead and shot a bunch of quick pictures with the Z-Flip-camera, right from the initial announcement of the event. And so, here they are, available in the gallery below, and be full of color and all!!!

We have to say that this is the first impromptu recording turned out to be very strong. The samsung Z will Flip to show the excellent dynamic range and color balance, along with lots of details typical for Samsung cameras look. That is, given the experimental nature of the device itself, it is good to see that Samsung has managed to build a competent camera in it.

Check out the photos in the gallery and let us know what you think in the comments!

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