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Foldable smartphones are not mainstream for a few years now

Foldable smartphones are not mainstream for a few years now

Pretty much, just like this time last year, most of the most of the smartphone vendors for the approach of the young of the fold segment, to a point, in the not-so-distant future. But, even more so than back in the beginning of 2021 at the latest, or late, of 2021, the durability concerns are a major influence on the market in the short to medium term, the prospects for economic growth.

On the other hand, is an independent research and consultancy Strategy Analytics to continue to believe that the problems are at the moment plaguing the production, and the negative impact on the general appeal of the foldable handsets, which will be solved in the long term.”
As such, the market is expected to jump from a microscag (1-million unit shipping total for last year to be a far from impressive 8 million units by 2020, and then all the way up to 100 million in five years down the line. Of course, it is impossible to anticipate, and the trends and the evolution of an industry as fickle and unpredictable as a mobile technology, but, even if this amount might not end up being a completely accurate, by 2025, it is expected that the foldables will turn out to be the “world’s fastest-growing segment in the premium smartphone market over the next ten years.”

The students WELL they are the only companies identified in the latest Strategy Analytics report, if some of the 2020 market for new entrants, so it remains to be seen if anyone else will be able to provide at least a semi-functional folding unit at the end of the year.

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