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Fortnite ‘Season 11’ May Really Be Fortnite Chapter 2: Leaked

Fortnite 'Season 11' May Really Be Fortnite Chapter 2

Although Epic has still not confirmed the release date of Fortnite Season 11, it appears that many substantial changes are being made to the Royal Battle Game in its next update if the new images leaked are accurate.

The photos, which appeared briefly in the Italian IOS App Store, show three characters standing on a hill, with a building blurred in the distance. There also seem to be boats in the rivers. This suggests that Epic can introduce a brand new card in Fortnite, freeing players from the ever-changing island.

With the end of Fortnite season 10 near, on October 13th, we will probably learn more about Epic’s plans to introduce a new Fortnite card.

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