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Future family goes to subscription platform – News

Future family goes to subscription platform – News

Future families are start-up companies that offer a more affordable plan of fertilization services such as IVF and egg freezing, are transitioning from small-scale loan models of these services to contracts.

Infertility treatment is out of reach of the middle-aged people in the United States. To help future families We started with providing a monthly payment plan for these services. However, after listening to the customer's voice, the customer decided to select from several offers and switch to a subscription plan that can tailor the package to suit their needs.

You may be thinking something about the difference: get a loan for the service you want, or sign up to pay a certain amount as a subscription for months for the service you want I upload it. In any case, you can use the service at affordable price.

Novelty is the ability to select the service you want. And And as you wish. For example, if you realize that you are going to acquire eggs later and add genetic tests later, you can include this option in your subscription plan.

The company's spokesperson said that from financial instruments to concierge services it shifted to a full subscription model and provides flexibility for other consumer subscriptions. …

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Future family goes to subscription platform - News

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