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Garmin Speak Plus Dash And GPS Cam At $99

Garmin Speak Plus Dash And GPS Cam At $99

The Garmin Speak Plus is an interesting multifunctional device. It is an onboard camera that also works as a stand-alone GPS and takes Alexa commands. If all or some of these things are talking to you, it’s an excellent time to choose one: BuyDig has a coupon that will earn you the $99 Speak Plus Award.

GPS directions are displayed on a small screen in the center of the device. Of course, your phone can do it, but your phone is not as convenient to use as an onboard camera. Initially, the price of the Garmin Speak Plus was $229.99.

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Since its launch, its price has already been significantly reduced. Without the coupon, it’s currently $139.  The DASH40 coupon code will save you $40 on this $139 for a final price of $99.  Head over to BuyDig to have a look.

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