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Google Chrome: company is pausing new Chrome updates for now

As people around the world are now working from home due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Google has decided not to add any new features to both Chrome and Chrome OS to make the software run as smoothly as possible. In a tweet, Chrome’s development team explained that it will pause the upcoming releases of Chrome and Chrome OS:

“Due to custom work schedules, we are pausing upcoming releases of Chrome & Chrome OS. Our goal is to make sure they remain stable, secure and reliable for everyone who depends on them. We are prioritizing security updates, which will be included in Chrome 80. Stay up to date.

Although updates often bring useful new features, they can also introduce new bugs into the software. Therefore, Google’s decision to stop Chrome and Chrome OS updates is very logical. Imagine if anyone working remotely could not use Chrome to do their job due to a bug in an update, then there would be chaos online and productivity would slowly come to a standstill.

Chrome’s development team also made it clear that it is difficult to find a balance between the browser’s stability and the new features, while the staff is so decentralized.

From now on, we don’t know when Chrome or Chrome OS will receive updates again, but in these difficult times, it’s better to have a browser or operating system that works as expected, than a browser with new features and potential bugs.

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