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Google Clips AI-powered Camera Has Been Discontinued

Google Clips AI-powered Camera Has Been Discontinued

Google has removed the Camera Clips powered by the AI ​​from the Google Store. Speaking to Engadget, a Google spokesperson confirmed that clip owners would continue to receive updates until 2021 when support stops.

In practice, the camera had to use the artificial intelligence to automatically capture and record filmed footage of something or someone worthy of mention – such as the first steps of a baby or the dog playing with a toy – that the user would otherwise have missed. However, the price of USD 250 for clips associated with reports of unpredictable and uneven capture features seemed to hinder the success of the camera.

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In his original review, The Verge said that the camera was a problem to use. Similarly, Cnet told that the reviewer used only about a dozen over 500 photo clips. Clips are not the only device out of the Google Store; the first generation Pixel Buds have been removed. However, a new pair of wireless headphones was revealed shortly before.

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