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Google Joins 91springboard To Empower Women Entrepreneurs In India

Google Joins 91springboard To Empower Women Entrepreneurs In India

Google of huge technology related to 91springboard, authorized contractors with various skills, especially women.

Google said in a statement that this partnership is aimed at nourishing the next generation of innovative women entrepreneurs Indiathe and making it possible to build the future.

The partnership operates a monthly training program led by 91 Spinboard in a Level 2 city and has a 24-year contract with nationwide for the purpose of educating and fostering female entrepreneurs for 2 years directly.

This training will include individual mentoring for female entrepreneurs, focusing on acquiring leadership skills, implementing design sprints, promoting technology-focused discussions.

In addition, a US based technician in the United States implements Google for the entrepreneur lounge on the 91 speed board hub in the city.

The Google Lounge is a communal space for community members, developers, and creators.

91springboard with more than 8,000 entrepreneurial communities will also participate in Google for Entrepreneurs Partner Network.

Google for Entrepreneurs, a global partner with 50 partners, contains 6 campuses (a space owned and operated by Google for entrepreneurs). "Google for Entrepreneurs has implemented an end-to-end mentoring and support program to support entrepreneurs at every stage of entrepreneurship to strengthen their presence in India," said Rajan Anandan, vice president. From Southeast Asia and India.

He expressed his hope that this program will "help thousands of women gain momentum on entrepreneurial journey." 91 springboard co-founder, Pranay Gupta, said he plans to develop the program in Level 2 city soon.

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