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Google Maps Receives More Detailed Instructions On Walking

Google Maps Receives More Detailed Instructions On Walking

Google has launched a Google Maps update that adds more detailed voice prompts. Everyone can take advantage of this enhanced feature, but Google has specifically introduced it for the visually impaired. Maps will now provide more alerts to keep users safe.

For example, the application tells users when to turn and warns them to be cautious when moving to an upcoming intersection. Meanwhile, users who accidentally leave their route will be notified that Maps redirect them. To enable this feature, go to the Google Maps settings and select “Navigation.” From the re, go to the bottom of this list, search for “Walk Options,” and select “Detailed Voice Guidance.”

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Google then said the feature coincided with World Sight Day. So far, this feature has only been deployed in the United States (in English) and Japan (in Japanese), although Google says “support for additional languages ​​and countries is in progress.”

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