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Google Plans To Add Image Support To Chrome’s Shared Clipboard

Google Plans To Add Image Support To Chrome's Shared Clipboard.

Google is currently working on creating a new clipboard synchronization feature in Chrome. Recent changes to the code suggest that it might support images. In September, the Google Chrome team began implementing a native clipboard sharing feature called “Shared Clipboard.”

It is currently available in Chrome Canary, a developer preview to test new features. However, the current implementation only works with plain text. Also, the current execution is not automatic. You can find a more detailed breakdown of the feature here, but in the current state of things, you need to copy the text manually into this synchronized clipboard. To do this, right-click the highlighted text and click “Send Text To …”. It is then followed by connected devices, such as Pixel 3.

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While the current Shared Clipboard feature only works with text, code not covered by Chrome Story has revealed work. On adding support for images. The code change associated with three bugs shows more information about how the feature might work. The first bug, number 1018138, is called Image support for the early integration.

Bug 1018132 requests the addition of a” feature flag to receive and manage an image payload. ” Finally, bug 1020582 explains sharing images. In the shared Clipboard will probably not be ready in time for Chrome version 80. The current stable version of Chrome is 78. Therefore, sharing images in the shared clipboard should have at least three versions (in version 81).

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