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Google Return to China With a Censored Search Engine

Google Return to China With a Censored Search Engine

"We are offering numerous mobile applications in China, including helping Chinese translators, Files and Go, Chinese developers and investing heavily in Chinese companies such as," he said. "But I have not commented on speculation about future projects."

Google released a search engine from China in 2010, but the company recently showed more interest in accessing the world's largest Internet population. In June, Google announced an investment of $ 550 million to Chinese online retailer Last year, Google announced plans to open a research center in China focusing on artificial intelligence. The company announced translation and file management applications for the Chinese market. Google currently has more than 700 employees in China.

After the release of Google, local competitors including China's dominant search engine, Baidu are on the rise. In addition to searching, Google's majority of Internet services, such as the app store, messaging service, YouTube, etc., are known and can not be accessed behind a large firewall.

Before the recent US-China trade war began, a discussion between Google and the Chinese government on censored search engines began, one of the journalists said. The interview went wrong and this person joined.

However, the Chinese government can still use Google as a tip in negotiations with the US government, which China criticizes how US enterprises restrict market access. By returning Google's search engine to China, the Chinese government gave political victory to President Trump and was able to gain goodwill.

To Google, China is an increasingly difficult market for navigation. Since the birth of President Nishijin in five years ago, the Chinese government has greatly enhanced the censorship of the Internet. Companies need a lot of resources to meet the censorship requirements imposed by the government, which can be serious. In the first half of 2020, Chinese national regulatory authorities closed or canceled licenses for over 3,000 websites.

Google is a brand of many households in the world, but its name can attract young generation fantasies that are growing on Google's post Google Internet. To win these people, especially if differentiation from Baidu is difficult, it will be a difficult fight for Google.

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