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Have we reached the peak with the creation of a venture capital fund? –

Have we reached the peak with the creation of a venture capital fund? –

In venture capital, the instructional variant Glengarry Glen Ross is the way of working of most fund managers: always. To become. reproduction.

It seems that private equity firms have realized this. In recent months, even things from Technology Press have discovered many things about venture capital funds. Does venture capital often introduce new funds in the past?

Venture capital companies have certainly raised huge amounts and Crunchbase News reported earlier this week that these huge sums of money distort the financing curves for risk capital. But is this perfect? of 2021 it was the year in which the high-end venture capital fund of AUM was founded, but what about the entire market?

Aggregated data on the financing of risk capital and microfinance from Crunchbase show that American companies have created new financing for less than two years. In other words, the peak may be present.

Let's view the number shared by the US Census Bureau.

There are some trends in the graph above, but it is pace and size.

You can see how the pace of creating venture capital funds varies from region to region. In a very probable event, we did not know that the east and west coasts are the source for the creation of venture capital funds, the graph above clearly shows this.

At least for state investors in the West and East, the difference is in the scale, not in the manager. On the east side, the number of collected funds has increased and is increasing in the west.

Our data suggest that the global creation of new funds peaked of 2021. The announcement of more than 260 new funds that year is a record dating back to the time of the first collapse of All time records.

All bad news

Even taking into account historical trends when new funds are announced …

I hope you enjoy the news:

With the establishment of a venture capital fund, we are passing the peak? -

# Be careful for more updates :)

I hope you like the news:

Have we reached the peak with the creation of a venture capital fund? -

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