Here are The Best iPhone XS and XS Max cases you can buy right now

Here are The Best iPhone XS and XS Max cases you can buy right now
Existing iPhone XS and XS Max pre-order collect The Best case you can purchase right now to protect new devices, protect them from droplets, spills and scratches. These suitcases can be ordered immediately before shipping XS and XS Max.

With the announcement of Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, case makers regularly publish protective covers compatible with new devices. Also, the iPhone XS case should match iPhone XS, but you can choose from a variety of options for XS Max users and those looking for new looks for new mobile phones. September 21 Delivery Day We offer The Best option to purchase, combining various styles and colors, from flashy patterns to enhanced protection.

A nomad

For a long time, we were fans of Nomade 's excellent rugged suitcase. They updated the lineup of this year's iPhone with new designs and features. Their sturdy leather case is as durable as ever, but has been redesigned to be 33% thinner. Sturdy leather is currently available in Brown Leather and Black Horse Vienna.

The Rugged Folio was upgraded to include a solid case structure while offering trio of card slots and cache pockets. The new hinge groove makes the cover more reactive and can be used with black and brown leather.

Finally, Nomad introduced a new powerful Tri Folio ideal for a large portfolio. It comes with 8 card slots and cash pockets. Extra folds cover the card slot and give a cleaner look for everyday use. At the moment, Rugged Tri Folio is only available with Horween Brown Leather, but it supports all three mobile phones.

Pad & Quill

The iPhone of 2021 Pad & Quill Case has been designed using full grain leather that supports wireless charging, recognizing that you are using premium materials. The bag comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 25-year leather warranty.

At the time of printing, these pad & quill iPhone XS cases have inventory and ready for shipment. More, AppleInsider Readers can save up to 10% on promotional codes throughout Pad & Quill's site insider.


Spigen is indispensable for collecting case examples over the past year, and of 2021 is no exception. The price starts from $ 19.99 and the case is durable, but …

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