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High expectation for low power audio file writers

High expectation for low power audio file writers

First Watt SIT Power Writer 3.

Stereo Power Writer First Watt SIT 3 draws hedonists inside of me. As actual music touches me, I make all recording more vivid and more complete. Yes, that is about high end audio. Here at SIT 3, it's hard to stop listening to music, so it's about high-end audio. Here, it is difficult to stop listening to music at SIT 3. # 39; Sounds good.

The design is unique, firstly the power transistor of SIT 3 is not similar to that used by other current brand writers. The transistor of SIT 3 is a static induction transistor and is manufactured exclusively according to the specification of the first watt.

The remaining SIT 3 circuits are far from standard. The gain is only 11.5 dB, but most of the volume is more than 20 dB. In fact, in fact, in order to obtain the same volume of playback volume, you need to adjust it slightly higher than the other volume. 3 Is not a matter, just raise the volume.

As with all Fast Watt designs, SIT 3 is a Class A full low power design that produces only 18 watts per channel at 8 ohms and only 30 watts per channel at 4 ohms, without feedback. Despite all things, I soon seemed that SIT 3 was superior with insensitive and relentless speakers.

Connectivity is basic, it is only the stereo RCA input jack and the speaker cable stereo link terminal. All metal chassis is well made, but that is not nonsense. SIT 3 is handmade in California, the price is limited to 4,000 dollars, and the production is limited to 250 people. Another thing that makes SIT 3 special is that Nelson Pass, designers and business owners have his email address on the list …

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High expectation for low power audio file writers

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