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I do not know if Mark Zuckerberg can ask him to repair it

I do not know if Mark Zuckerberg can ask him to repair it

Can it mark repair on Facebook before it breaks democracy? This is the title of the 14,000 word profile of Facebook CEO of Evan Osnos and after a two year scandal, New Yorker. You may not be able to answer this question – What does it mean to repair Facebook or democracy? But the article is better than the average job to explore the outline.

Osnos interviewed Zuckerberg several times and went on until he broke the CEO and bread of his house (in the banana). That New Yorker It is excellent for playing his story profile with bright and colorful anecdotes and talks about Oxford's Zuckerberg rule

A few years ago, he played Scrabble with a friend's daughter and business jet machine in high school. She won. Before playing the second game, he wrote a simple computer program to look up a dictionary letter so that he could choose from all possible words. In Zuckerberg's program, the runway was narrow when the plane landed. The girl said, "During the game I was playing, everyone around us was taking a team machine and a team machine."

Most of Osnos' profile is a story familiar to readers of this newsletter. New Yorker General reader layer. (2016 election, check, previous employees mourn the effect of company platform, check, Cambridge analyst, check, Alex Jones, check). In Osnos' report, there is a quotation from former Zuckerberg voting official Tavis McGinn. From the work I did

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I do not know if Mark Zuckerberg can ask him to repair it

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