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If you have an iPhone X, should you upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

If you have an iPhone X, should you upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?
The iPhone XS and XS Max pre-orders have just begun, and if you own iPhone X you may wonder if you are worth placing an order. It is a question asked by AppleInsider.

In my case, I have an iPhone 8 Plus and is updating. My cohort Max has iPhone X, and by ordering iPhone XS Max it will also transition to a new model.

There are many differences between iPhone 8 and iPhone XS, but if you compare iPhone X with the latest version, that number will be less. It is worth reviewing everything that is different between iPhone X and iPhone XS to see if its value is sufficient.

Vote and review

Regardless of whether they admit it or not, they want to make it possible for others to know whether many people have the latest iPhone. iPhone XS is almost the same as iPhone X, except for the new golden finish. It seems to be the most popular model based on the survey AppleInsider I ran on his YouTube channel.

Most people upgrading from iPhone X may find it easy to go with XS Max. In this questionnaire published on YouTube as soon as the preorder began, most people selected XS Max, but because iPhone XS is physically the same as iPhone X,

"To be honest, I am with my iPhone X." I can not justify using the $ 2000 Canadian dollar for large gold replicas "

Of course, this is the only review so let's see the actual difference between iPhone X and iPhone XS.

A big picture

The biggest advantage of iPhone XS is probably a new dual camera system. It features a new sensor with deeper pixels that allows for better shooting in dark places using a new tone tone flash. Optical camera shake correction is related to both lenses, but the iPhone X has a quick lens stop.

The image signal processor refines the software aspect of the camera in cooperation with the neural engine, and makes it appear like a more accurate portrait blur. However, on iPhone X, just by running the iOS 12 beta version, portrait blur has been greatly improved.

Nonetheless, software improvements should stand out.

Bokeh and Depth Control can adjust the blur and depth of the background after taking a picture.

I hope you like the news If you have an iPhone X, should you upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?. Stay Tuned For More Updates ๐Ÿ™‚

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