In some markets, you can you’ll be to arrange a house call to fix your iPhone screen

In some markets, you can you’ll be to arrange a house call to fix your iPhone screen

If you are old enough to remember when doctors use to make house calls? Back in the day, a doctor’s visit in the home of a patient with a small black bag filled with all sorts of medical equipment. Unfortunately, the only type of home can be on your phone or tablet’s screen by way of services such as The doctor. However, if you have an iPhone, that’s sick, you can arrange for a house call, to make it feel better in a number of markets.

Theservices provided at the house there is a Move from Tech Services (by MacRumors, a company whose website says: “We are an Apple Authorized Service Provider, who is specialized in a quick and convenient mobile repair.” But, in order to arrange for a house call, an iPhone user is going to have to go to Apple’s support pages. From the re, go to the iPhone > Repair. You will see three options available: in-store repairs, mail in repairs, and on-site repair (home visitation). The support page now reads as follows: “In some locations, on-site service is available as well.

According to MacRumors, ” the home repair service is available in six U.S. cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, New York, New York, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas. At this point, it seems that the iPhone screen repair is the only service that can be done with a house call. Other services, such as the replacement of the battery can be done at home, or at least not at this moment in time. And, as Apple points out that it is an “on-site visit fee” could be added to the regular repair charges.

For an on-site visit fee will be added to the cost of a screen repair, Apple will charge $129 for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE the iPhone 6) for $ 149 (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8), $169 (and iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus), $199 (iPhone, XR, iPhone, 11), $279 (for iPhone X, iPhone S, iPhone 11, Pro), as well as $329 for iPhone XS a Max.) iPhone, for 11, Pro, Max) to replace the screen on an iPhone.

We should not be surprised to find out that Apple is extending the scope of the on-site repair service to more locations in the future, as more repairs and / or any other products.

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