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Intel Commits To Increasing Accessibility Of AI Tools In India

Intel Commits To Increasing Accessibility Of AI Tools In India

Intel is committed to accelerating the next computing wave by accelerating the accessibility of artificial intelligence tools in different fields and strategically investing in developer training.

In order to develop off-the-shelf talent in the country, the company said he has trained more than 99,000 developers, students and teachers since April 2017.

"We were able to achieve this through close collaboration with academia, government and the private sector and this trend will continue on local platforms such as Vidhya Analytics and will train scientists and scholars, "The Prakash Mally Intel India group sales and marketing director states in a statement.

The company, which held the first AI developer conference in Bangalore, said that diverse groups of Indian companies are currently strengthening their business by betting on AI.

Supporting more than 500 developers This event has served as a platform to share updates on real AI applications useful to businesses and people.

Gadi Singer, vice president and general manager of architect for Intel Corporation, says: "Intel's Intel Developer Conference is a proof of regional cooperation for the development of IA technology and ecosystem.

"Today, various companies in India show how to accelerate activities and form a user experience using AI, their ideas and solutions reflect the possibility of Indian IA technology development "Singer added.

Among other customers and partners, Intel India is cooperating with Philips,, Mphasis. NEXT Labs will deploy AI's portfolio in local ecosystems.

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