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Intel Sold $1B AI Chips Last Year

Intel Sold $1B AI Chips Last Year

Intel announced on Wednesday that it gained more than $ 1 billion in revenue from Xeon processor used for data center artificial intelligence of 2020.

Navin Shenoy, executive vice president and general manager of Intel's data center group, announced this achievement at the Intel Computing Summit and shared information on Intel's roadmap. Intel products. Shenoy said Intel's data-centric business represents a market opportunity that is expected to reach $ 200 billion in 2022. So far, Intel has estimated TAM (Total Addressable Market) at $ 160 billion.

According to Shenoy, the technology department needs to display data in a global way, such as moving data faster, increasing inventory, and doing everything from the cloud to the edge.

This remark is based on the approach to IA announced to ZDNet by Gadi Singer, Vice President of Intel's Artificial Intelligence Product Group. Intel invests in Xeon as "the foundation of AI", builds various chip and portfolios, invests in system integration, and is building a busy AI business.

Intel announced that it is expanding its connectivity portfolio on system integration with a new SmartNIC product line called Cascade Glacier. Intel also announced the shipment of Optane DC's permanent memory module. On Wednesday 's summit scene, Shenoy gave Bart Sano, Google' s vice president of platforms, the first unit.

Shenoy has announced the next generation roadmap for the Intel Xeon platform.

  • Cascade Lake, a future 14 nm based Scalable Xeon processor introducing persistent Optane DC and DL Boost memory using Vector Nural Network Instruction (VNNI).
  • Cooper Lake, a future Xeon scalable processor based on 14 nm technology. We will exhibit next-generation platforms that show significant improvements in performance, new I / O functions, a new DL Boost function (Bfloat 16) that improves AI training / deep learning performance, and Additional Optane DC, a permanent memory technology innovation.
  • Ice Lake is a Xeon Scalable processor based on 10 nm technology sharing a common platform with Cooper Lake.

Source: Zdnet

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