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iPhone X Trounces Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In Benchmarks Test

iPhone X Trounces Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In Benchmarks Test

Since Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has appeared, Twitter has several reviews, mobile phones do not have a major function, and claim that there is a set with almost the same specification as Galaxy S 9 +. If this masks the eyebrows in front of your face, only new reports are added to it. According to the Toms Guide website, Apple's current iPhone X generation outperforms the most advanced Samsung devices in terms of performance.

According to the website he said that he tested 6 GB of RAM deformation, but Samsung Galaxy Note 9 next to iPhone X, the latter leading the race with most benchmarks. In GeekBench 4, the score of iPhone X was 10,357, and the score of Galaxy Note 9 was 8,876. It also exceeded 9.088 in OnePlus 6. When I tested the 3D graphics processing function using Slingshot Extreme performance test, I found that iPhone X was leading again. OnePlus 6 ranked in 5,124, note 9 and iPhone X respectively. The score received by Galaxy Note 9 is only 3 points higher than Galaxy S 9 +.

But note 9 toppled iPhone X when testing the screen. For those who do not know, both mobile phones have an AMOLED display. The AMOLED panel in Note 9 reveals 224% of the sRGB color gamut and the X panel shows 128.6%. The screen brightness of note 9 was also larger than the brightness of iPhone X.

Let's add that the only way to know the actual performance of a mobile phone is not a benchmark. The case of using these two cases is different and the way the operating system uses that material is different. Note 9, unlike iPhone X, is primarily intended for business users, so it can not be completely ignored.

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