iPhone XR delay likely down to notch problems, but can only work in Apple’s favor

iPhone XR delay likely down to notch problems, but can only work in Apple’s favor

A report that iPhone XR may not be available until October when Apple announces a new model next to X and Xs Max.

It has long been proposed that one or more suppliers have complex LCD performance problems, which is reflected in today's new report …

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The LCD can not be folded like an OLED display. This is a particularly challenging task for the iPhone XR. Screen production is considered to be split between LG and Japanese display, one or both of which are struggling to achieve production goals.

Specifically, it is reported that light leakage around the notch is a problem. Unlike the OLED display of iPhone X / Xs / Max, the LCD display still requires a backlight, so accurate cutoff cut is indispensable. This was first reported in June.

According to analysts, manufacturers are faced with light leakage problems, while applying notched designs to the iPhone LCD.

Katy Huberty said this to July Hatsuko IDC today reports that Huckle has hardware and software problems.

Ryan Reith (vice president, mobile device research at IDC) says: Hatsuko In a telephone interview Apple needed to change the LCD screen through software engineering in order to improve the visual elements and cut the material into a notched shape.

Canalys does not believe that delay will cause many people to choose to purchase iPhone X.

Canalys senior analyst, Ben Stanton, says: In the meantime, as soon as you purchase an iPhone XS or XS Max model, I do not think that you are eager to switch to a new iPhone. "Price difference between iPhone XS and XR is amazing," Consumers do not mind pulse "

But I'm not so convinced. Because most people are purchasing mobile phones with monthly payment, you may decide that the price difference is not very good and choose to skip the queue.

Anyway, it is a lossless situation for Apple. Those who can not or do not want to pay more than $ 749 await but others may choose a more expensive model.

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