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iPhone XR is what you need – News

iPhone XR is what you need – News

iPhone XR arrived as supplement. There is no real surprise. Apple has always been at the forefront. This is the last, the biggest, literally, the largest one. Life perspective at the forefront of technology is the cornerstone of the company's image, market share, stock price.

iPhone XR is not so. In yesterday's event, the handset is also used. It is not very powerful as a single camera and low resolution screen evoked criticism among online screen enthusiasts. It is also a phone that the company needs, Apple plans to sell it. Indeed, it is not surprising to see this entry level device outperforming the two premium brothers.

In the past 24 hours, many people asked me which phone to purchase. The answer varies from person to person, but for most people XR is simply the most reasonable. As I wrote yesterday, iPhone X is for all of us.

Last year's 10th anniversary device pushed the boundary line of the iPhone for basic technology, design and budget. This is definitely the biggest breakthrough in the lineup since the App Store was introduced in 2008 and it helped to break the $ 1000 smartphone.

We all knew that such a thing is going on. And while companies such as Samsung certainly gave Apple the power, iPhone X actually tested the limits consumers can spend on smartphones. The first sales report was not perfect …

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iPhone XR is what you need - News

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