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iPhone XS: Features most desired – CNET

iPhone XS: Features most desired – CNET

Better battery life

While keeping all new thin iPhones, Apple has a faster processor and graphics chip to improve battery life. But the truth is that we exchange little things and power little by little, become more self-sustaining, and exchange as well for many others.

iPhone X thought Apple could reduce battery life by combining a more efficient processor and OLED display, but profit did not come true. In us Video playback test, IPhone 8 Plus was the king of battery life.

In our later tests X got better, but this is similar to the tests done by Tom & # 39; s Guide and Wall Street Journal, but the iPhone X battery is between 8 and 8 I found out that I landed. More. Nevertheless, we always persist that we do not go out at night without having a battery pack.

Apple positions iOS 12 by improving speed and performance for older iPhones. It would be wonderful if it turned into a better battery life.

Possibility of implementation: 15%

Everything we know is 2018 iPhone / iPhone XS / iPhone X Plus.

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iPhone XS: Features most desired - CNET

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