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It is compatible with TicWatch Pro, a 4G/LTE-scores, all-time-high discounts on Amazon

It is compatible with TicWatch Pro, a 4G/LTE-scores, all-time-high discounts on Amazon

Although the smartwatch with the Wear and tear of the OS formerly known as Android Wear) have been around for the better part of a decade now, and it is still very difficult to find it with a Google-powered alternative to Apple’s or Samsung’s cellular-enabled mobile device.

This is mainly because the battery life on most of the Wear OS smartwatch was pretty poor, with only the GPS and Bluetooth in tow, which means that it’s adding 4G LTE support, it would almost certainly lead to a catastrophic durations between charges.

That is, it is not at all the case, in so far as it is In the LTE-a support TicWatch Pro is concerned, which will allegedly keep the lights on for up to 18 hours of continuous mobile use in for the shock of her endurance, to as much as 30 days (!!!) in a “Critical Mode”, in which many of the advanced features are automatically turned off.
This is an absolute beast of a Wear OS smartwatch is usually $299, but Amazon can hook you up with a $79.01 discount for 26% of the previously-listed price is just for today. If you do choose to buy one with the appropriate name TicWatch Pro, a 4G/LTE directly from the Mobvoi, the China-based manufacturer, they are always looking to save a couple of bucks more, but hey, that’s killer deal is due to expire at the end of the day.
On the bright side, it’s incredibly versatile and definitely classy (but a bit bulky) it goes through your going to not go back to regular price once the promotion ends, get a 250 instead of $ 300 due by February 11, as part of the Mobvoi extended, and the extended Valentine’s day sale.
In addition to 4G LTE connectivity only supported to run on Verizon’s industry-leading network, this is a special version of the TicWatch Pro is a top-notch, 1 gb of RAM, count, go for it, as well as a large and beautiful 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels, with a premium build, a combination of polyamide, glass-fibre, stainless steel and aluminum materials, and the Google-to-Pay functionality, a built-in GPS chip, heart rate monitor, and an incredible resistance to all of the immersion in water of extreme temperature, pressure, shock, solar radiation, humidity, sand and dust.

But it may well be the most important selling point is the innovative laminated display technology that allows you to turn on of said TOUCH-screen display, with a far more energy-efficient LCD screen, and when you need to use in order to conserve energy and reduce energy consumption. If you can alternate between the TOUCH and LCD screens, you should be able to squeeze at least five days in the life of the battery is in “normal” use, it sounds really great for the Wear OS smartwatch.

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