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LCDs Could Stay in iPhones Until 2020

LCDs Could Stay in iPhones Until 2020
LG would have been obliged to make an LCD screen for the iPhone model to be released next year. If this is correct, Apple plans a phone with a traditional LCD of 2020, not using all OLED screens. At least not yetAccording to the unconfirmed report so far, this autumn LCD iPhone will be the last of the company. This is probably not surprising. OLED displays are superior in many respects

But Apple has stayed at the LCD for at least another year. And LG Display not only creates panels of existing models, but according to the Korean website, the LCD of the new iPhone should be released of 2020.

This is consistent with analyst reports that the transition from Apple to OLED will last at least until 2020.

From iPhone LCD to OLED iPhone

iPhone X was the first Apple equipped OLED display, but there was no problem. At the time, Samsung was the only company that was able to meet the needs of Apple's panel, which can collapse to create state-of-the-art designs. And Samsung claimed a little for this component.

Apple would have been proactively looking for other sources of information such as BOE, Japan Display, LG Display, which are Chinese technologies.

iPhone manufacturers remain true for this technology as each pixel of the OLED shines independently and produces a bright screen that does not require a backlight.

It is expected that two of the three iPhone of 2020 models will be equipped with OLED screens. Especially after the rumor that Apple was coming soon, it drops old technology. Clearly, the company is faithful to LCD until at least of 2020.

The reason is almost certainly expensive. Competition among OLED providers may lower the price per panel, but LCDs will remain a much cheaper alternative. IPhone of 2020 with LCD screen is hundreds cheaper than OLED models or other models.

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