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LG will help supply OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone XS models

LG will help supply OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone XS models

Samsung's rule as Apple 's only supplier of iPhone X model OLED panel will end. according to, Korea HeraldApple has selected LG as a secondary supplier of recently announced iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max's OLED panel. There are several months of reports that Apple is trying to reduce its reliance on Samsung. Certainly, Apple wanted to use the LG panel of iPhone X last year, but the panel of the company did not belong to Samsung.

It goes without saying that the company's OLED panel has been improved to meet Apple's stringent technical requirements by listening to the word that LG is now a partner of Apple.

A part of the report is as follows.

According to officials, LGD 's sixth generation flexible OLED panel recently passed a series of quality tests. In addition, at this exhibition, we are preparing to start mass production of OLED panels on two production lines of E6 plant.

Typically a new OLED partnership with LG on the screen that represents the most expensive part of the smartphone helps the company reduce costs. Equally important, having two OLED providers means that Apple does not have to worry as much as there are production problems at Samsung and LG.

By the way, in speculative news announced last July, LG initially claimed that it will provide over 5 million OLED panels to Apple. In other words, the OLED department between Samsung and LG will not be close to 50/50 anytime soon as Samsung continues most of the work.


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