Making The Grade: iOS 12 and macOS Mojave update strategy for IT

Making The Grade: iOS 12 and macOS Mojave update strategy for IT

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This week, both iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave participated in this news. With the announcement of iPhone, Apple announced the release of iOS 12 on Monday and announced the launch of MacOS Mojave 24. For IT managers, when the software update season is approaching, fear. Currently I am using the most stable version of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. We have fixed bugs for almost a year. Therefore, the situation does not change. Entering the new season of the X.0 update, I frequently pressed the rest buttons for stability. iOS 12 is very stable in the beta, but it is still a new operating system. Third-party application providers also need to update their stability. The questions I would like to answer today are: When Is it necessary to update the managed device of iPad, iPhone, MacOS?


90 days behind

Apple has updated its iOS 11.3 earlier this year and has built outstanding controls that enable IT departments to postpone operating system upgrades for 90 days. I encourage you to do this for your managed device.

This is so that external providers can have time to update the device. Although the beta version has been released for several months, not all suppliers are ready to come out. You can also skip the 12.0 update by delaying the update. After 90 days, Apple probably released iOS 12.0.1 (or perhaps 12.0.2), so you can start by.

Hardware and software dependencies

Consumer hardware and software companies frequently expect consumers to seek compatibility from the first day, but companies do not expect to do so (often do not provide them). One of the reasons to use the beta version of MacOS and iOS in the summer is to be able to test the compatibility of software applications and onsite hardware (such as printers). If I notice a problem, I will report them.

Even with an extended beta test period, external providers are often not ready to use 100% compatibility, so …

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