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Microsoft acquires AI tool, Lobe based on drag & drop – News

Microsoft acquires AI tool, Lobe based on drag & drop – News

Microsoft Announced the acquisition of Lobe, a startup company that can build machine learning models using a simple drag and drop interface. At Microsoft, Lobe, In order to take advantage of our own efforts to make it easy to build the AI ​​model, Lobe launched in beta this year will behave as before.

"As a member of Microsoft, Lobe can take advantage of decades of experience in AI research, global infrastructure and development tool creation," the team wrote. "We will continue to develop Lobe as a standalone service that supports open source standards and multiple platforms.

Lobe was previously co-founded by Mike Matas, who worked on iPhone and iPad, Facebook Paper and Instant Articles products. Other co-founder are Adam Menges and Markus Beissinger.

In addition to robes, Microsoft recently purchased, a powerful learning platform and Semantic Machines, a conversational AI platform. Last year, he won the participants of Disrupt Battlefield, Maluuba. It is not surprising that all major technology companies are learning as much talent and skills as possible because the machine learning talent is not a secret to come.

Mr. Kevin Scott, vice president and CTO (Microsoft Chief Technology Officer) at Microsoft, said: "In many ways it only begins to recognize the full possibilities that AI may offer," . "This is largely due to the fact that development of AI and creation of deep learning models is a slow and complicated process even for experienced data scientists.

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Microsoft acquires AI tool, Lobe based on drag & drop - News

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