Microsoft’s roadmap for the new Edge, the extension syncing coming this month

Microsoft’s roadmap for the new Edge, the extension syncing coming this month

Now the new Chromium-based Rings, “Chredge” browser is available and you can get regular updates, Microsoft has been refreshing the roadmap, with new features and a number of provisional dates for delivery. And it was one of the first features to come, starting with the Canary island players, will the extension sync.

At the end of last week, Microsoft is set to begin rolling out the extension to synchronize for testers, you run the Canary channel of the new Edge. The extension sync that will allow users to avoid that at the time of their extensions, several times, with the use of Chredge on a variety of devices. (This function is not required to have a flag/option to turn off; instead, it is rolling out gradually, starting with only a subset of the Chredge Canary island to users.)

According to the Microsoft has updated the Chredge manualto synchronize the currently installed browser extensions from the computer is to be on the team to be on the list for 14 weeks, and it’s going to be coming up in the month of February.

The use of a PDF file, navigating through the table of contents is listed as “Under Review.” And the ability to use the tab key to preview the current version of the Edge of the old Town) to the Chredge is now in the discussion stage.

The other functions are referred to as “scheduled for release in February,” with the fixes for the Bookmarks sync issue (which sync does not work, it deleted bookmarks coming back, and your favorites can be duplicated), an option to set a custom image as the Page “New Tab” background image, and an improved treatment of links, if you have more than one profile.

The updated plan provides for the synchronization of the browser history between the devices “is scheduled for the summer.”

A number of other features have been referred to as a “target” is not a specific release date, including, to the Edge of the capabilities of Linux, support for the reading out of PDF files with the option to keep specific cookies, with the choice of your browsing data on closing, and a option to add a share button in the toolbar that, among other things.

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