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Microsoft’s unified Office app launched for iOS; dark mode

Microsoft’s unified Office app launched for iOS; dark mode

“In the Office app, which combines three of the most used products of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with additional features in order to do it”

A few months after the roll-out of a new, unified Office mobile app for Android and, Microsoft has taken the same path for iOS, and will be rolled out on the App Store. The new Office app that brings together the three main services that are used by the Microsoft Office suite of products (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, and combine them into one slick interface, with lots of extra features thrown in. With the launch of the new Office mobile app for iOS, users will no longer have to download three different apps, and use them for specific purposes. Instead, it is the one of the Office app, it will be good enough for all of the reasons are common to the overall objective of the Microsoft apps as well.

What’s interesting is that, even though the iOS version of the app will be a delay of up to two days, starting with the release of Android and Apple users, one of the Office app, you get a ‘Dark’ Mode of the app, and that is something that is not yet available on the Android platform. The app was officially announced in November, which is a limited sample, the same was offered to the insider beta users. The Office app is part of a revamp project for Microsoft, that also includes the use of AI’s tools to work smarter.

In addition to the standard use of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and the services of the Office app, users are said to have access to the templates for each service, the manner in which they did so on a stand-alone app. The app also allows for quick note-taking, which in turn can be synced with Windows 10 sticky notes and they will appear on your desktop. The Office app also has an AI engine that allows the user to scan the images to convert them directly to text files, or even spreadsheets, and allows users to read the Pdf pages, or a sign that the app you’re in.

The unified Office-it provides users with the ability to transfer files directly from the app to the PC. While these are the features that are already part of the app, Microsoft announced a number of new features to the app will be available later this year. These included dictation, typing, and voice based on the punctuation marks and layout, an easy-to-view “Maps” Mode is to quickly read the data, and the creation of the slides, on the basis of the hand-written text, all of which seem to drip from the strong suite of Microsoft 365 desktop apps.

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