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Here’s All We Know That Motion Sense On Google Pixel 4 Can Do

Here's All We Know That Motion Sense On Google Pixel 4 Can Do

Google’s next Pixel 4 will include a new feature called Motion Sense. Motion Sense allows users to perform actions on the device without touching it. The Pixel 4 can do this using the Soli radar chip included in the top cover of the handset. That said, this feature will only be available in certain countries, according to a previous report.

There were tons of Pixel 4 leaks, and the culprit behind a lot of them was NextRift. However, NextRift was able to provide details to 9to5Google regarding this feature. However, 9to5 warns that these gestures may change before the launch of Pixel 4, and developers may add more gestures before launch. 9to5 then details everything Pixel 4 Motion Sense is capable of.

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First, a gesture called “Reach” is planned. This gesture is activated when the user tries to pick up the handset, rings when it rings, when a timer is triggered or when an alarm sounds. The Reach movement silences the device. It is also planned to perform a flick gesture that allows users to move to the next track or return to the previous song.

Also, there is a Flick-like “Sweep” gesture that allows users to ignore calls, repeat alarms, or cancel timers, such as for Reach. Whichever way you slide your finger on the phone while performing this gesture.

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