MWCA: '5G is a race that everybody should win'

MWCA: '5G is a race that everybody should win'

5 G. US president Chris Pearson said, "Everyone should win over 5 G, but the US government can achieve 5 G Americas Spectrum and reliable processing of two important elements of infrastructure deployment."

Pearson said in an interview with ZDNet at Los Angeles' Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) "5 G is a competition that everyone should win".

"If everyone wins, it means that the customer wins, whether it is a business customer or a consumer, but if you get the frequency and density of the cell site you can win."

Pearson said that the lack of spectral availability in the middle band like 3.5 GHz worldwide 5 G band and 18 months latency for small cell deployment will cause the US to fall behind other regions You can see that of.

"A low, medium, high bandwidth spectrum is needed, a simplified cell selection process to densify the network is needed" 18 months is too much for you from other regions and other countries Looking like China, South Korea, Japan, their small cell transplantation process seems to be highly streamlined, can get out of the site very quickly, immediately at 5G, "he insisted .

"In the United States, it takes 18 months to realize a cell site, it takes too much time" Simple little cell site, hopefully, instead of quoting a two-digit month, someday. "

Since last interview with ZDNet in February at MWC Barcelona, ​​Pearson announced that the Federal Circuit is currently planning to auction the 28 GHz millimeter wave band in November on the progress of the US government's 5 G frequency band . . Immediately by 24 GHz band.

We are also seeking industry feedback on the availability of mmWave spectra. We continue to examine the spectrum of CBRS. We are also seeking comments on the median spectrum of 3.7 – 4.2 GHz spectrum sharing agreement between recruitment comment, defense, marine radar, government users, existing satellite users and telecommunications carriers from the industry of 3550-3700 MHz band. The 3450-3550 MHz band, however, is only a very beginner stage.

Pearson said that through cell transplantation, 20 states now have passed the law, which is a high level guideline to be done by municipalities and municipalities for the deployment of 5 G infrastructure.

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