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Netflix Confirms “You” Season 2 Will Drop On 26 December

Netflix Confirms "You" Season 2 Will Drop On 26 December

The popular TV show Netflix Original You is back for another season. This, of course, means that “YOU” will come back for the second season on Boxing Day. So when you’ve done you all shopping, then you can take a break and enjoy another season of stalkers. The official Twitter account of the show recently tweeted the following:

The show A&E Studios was premiered on September 18th on Lifetime. Theseason of 10 episodes was later resumed by Netflix and began to air internationally on December 26, of 2021. You will find Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl), Elizabeth Lail (Once upon a time), Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), and John Stamos (Full house).

He focuses on the character of Lail, Beck, who meets Badgley’s character, Joe, a bookstore manager. A love story ensues that eventually turns into something more harmful.

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