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Nima releases food sensor to detect peanuts – News

Nima releases food sensor to detect peanuts – News

I am very allergic to nuts, so I was very excited when I heard about Nima Peanut sensor. I had thought that I could not put on nuts, so I found myself several times in an emergency. In Nima, you can try these foods before you eat these foods and you can probably avoid traveling to the emergency room.

News Battlefield's meme Nima is preparing to launch the second product, Peanuts Sensor, on September 12th. This sensor can also detect small traces of peanut protein (10 ppm). To use Nima, insert food into a disposable test capsule. This capsule enters the device to determine if the food has peanut protein. Within 5 minutes, the Nima sensor will tell you if your food is peanut free.

This device connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, you can display a map of the tests, test history, tried all packaged food records, tested by Nima for peanuts. For clarity, this sensor is for peanuts. It does not test every nut, but Neima's founder, Shaylen Yeits, told me that he plans to test additional nuts in the future.

Nima's idea is not to abandon Epi-Pen, which is an epinephrine designed to treat anaphylactic allergic reactions abruptly, but to provide an additional way to confidently eat what you eat before eating . Based on two sets of internal tests, Nima insists that it has an accuracy of 97.6%.

Nima sells for $ 229, but the sensor and 12 different trial capsules are sold for $ 289.Nima has tested the first product …

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Nima releases food sensor to detect peanuts - News

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