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One year later, Apple’s innovative AirPower wireless charger is just vaporware

One year later, Apple’s innovative AirPower wireless charger is just vaporware

Recently, we are seeing a delay from Apple regardless of whether it is new hardware or software. Do you remember Apple's fanboy bloggers had a habit of enjoying other companies to announce products that were not yet available? AirPod, iPhone X, HomePod, iPhone XR are just a few of Apple's recently delayed devices.

Some of Apple 's most interesting features mentioned at the iPhone event earlier this week, including support ECG Apple 4 and the new iPhone' s eSIM features, are not available at the time of release. But AirPower is another thing. The bold vision of using a single device to simultaneously charge Apple, iPhone, AirPod was Wednesday's defeat. And it is beginning to look like baking wear.

Apple announced AirPower last September. This was more than a year ago, I thought the accessories will be available in the next few months. But that did not happen. Not only that, Apple just held the of 2021 iPhone event without mentioning the accessories. To make matters worse, Apple claims that this device has never been announced. As Apple Insider Point out that Apple has erased almost all traces of AirPower from the website. Here is the only thing you see when searching for AirPower on

AirPower is not an indispensable product, there are many wireless chargers for iPhone. Of course, we do not charge iPhone and AirPod at the same time, but that is not mandatory. But the lack of marketing suggests that even Apple can not do certain things. In addition, it is rarely found that there is a secret company that reveals products with poor sales at stores. Unlike other products, Apple usually publishes products that are going to be released shortly after the announcement. It seems that the AirPower charger will not arrive soon at the store soon.

The fact that Apple is very struggling to avoid the tag of AirPower has side effects. It prevented Apple from referring to the notable update of the iPhone XS mobile phone. Apple iPhone XS Press Release:

The windshield and rear glasses feature the most durable glasses on smartphones, scratch resistance is high, rear glasses speed up wireless charging. Reach iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max


I hope you like the news One year later, Apple’s innovative AirPower wireless charger is just vaporware. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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