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OnePlus $ 6 to $ 3,000, the most gorgeous OnePlus

OnePlus $ 6 to $ 3,000, the most gorgeous OnePlus

OnePlus 6 is strongly marking Our opinion Because of its good characteristics and its affordable price. The same can not be said about this version.

At a price of 2,700 euros (equivalent to 2,408 pounds in the UK, 3,156 dollars in the US, or 4,880 dollars in the Australian dollar), this model is not really cheap.

Hadoro is actually a composite material composed of 36 layers of air-grade carbon fiber and aluminum, so it is called material "Aero Damascus Carbon". Please consider it as pastry of very chic puff of pie.

As a result, this waveform pattern unique to all phones is obtained.

Internally, the phone remains the same processor, the same camera, the same screen. The fingerprint scanner is still located on the back of the cell phone, and there is always a headphone jack and a USB-C charging port at the bottom.

However, Hadoro was a little fun on the phone.


Thanks to the LED panel under "Anti Scratch Sapphire Crystal", the OnePlus logo on the back of the mobile phone will light up.

Because of all this flashies, the cell phone is slightly thicker than the standard mobile phone – not mentioning more expensive, but who cares …

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OnePlus $ 6 to $ 3,000, the most gorgeous OnePlus

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