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Overwatch: new voice lines now makes it easier to play as a team

Overwatch: new voice lines now makes it easier to play as a team

Blizzard Entertainment has rolled out an Overwatch PTR patch with new voiced options for the game’s communication wheel, so you don’t have to use the same lines all the time. The wheel gives you a way to talk to other players, even if you don’t have or don’t want to use a microphone. When the new lines become available to the public, you’ll have 26 options to choose from for all the Overwatch heroes – just swap everything currently on the wheel for those you think they’ll use more.

Upcoming voice commands include “Press Attack”, “Withdraw”, “3-2-1” countdown, and “On My Way”, which sounds especially useful if you’re a healer making your way back to the game while your teammates spam you with “I need healing”. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can add a “Sorry” voice command. It’s been a popular request for a while now and allows you to apologize if you mess up and want to stay in everyone’s favor.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan has discussed the upcoming changes in a video discussing the Developer Update, and you can watch it below:

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